Revolutionary Machine & Design (RM&D) is a small, family-owned CNC shop with capability to machine, manufacture, and assemble products. RM&D is committed to quality and staying on the cutting edge of new technologies. As a small job shop atmosphere, RM&D has the ability to produce prototypes, one-off parts and large runs with competitive pricing and low lead times. RM&D’s expert staff can assist with your CNC machining, programming, and engineering design needs. Located in southern Wisconsin, RM&D is committed to developing its technologies and adapting its operations to give its customers a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


2D and 3D Precision Machined Parts

Prototyping, overflow part manufacturing, CAD/CAM software, and CNC machining with quick turn around times.

Design & Reverse Engineering

RM&D can work from your finished product, 3D model it, prototype your part, and produce any size runs.

Contract Programming Services

RM&D has the technology and ability to write .NC programs that will communicate with your machine and produce the products your company needs.
3D Contract Programming Services