Contract Programming and Manufacturing Consulting

2D and 3D Programming

Programming offers unique challenges during both design and operation. If you have difficult or backed up overflow programming RMD will keep your production on schedule. We use Mastercam for our programming needs, allowing us to post to a variety of machines and provide .NC programs for your shop’s use. We provide on site support to get your machines up and running our programs smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Engineering Design and Reverse Engineering

RMD’s Design Team is equipped with software capability to make your idea into a 3D Model. Whether it’s a logo, napkin sketch, existing part or 2D drawing from any software, our design team will work with you to create the 3D model you desire. This model can then be used for machining within your shop or through our precision CNC machining services.

Manufacturing Consulting

When is the last time you evaluated your in-house processes and efficiency? Don’t leave money on the table by hindering your own output. The experts at RMD are educated and trained in the latest techniques, and through the application of data analysis and lean manufacturing methods, we will help you get the highest possible productivity out of each and every day.