Precision CNC Milled and Turned Parts

Revolutionary Machine & Design specializes in high precision high speed machining. We produce hundreds of unique parts every month with short lead times at reasonable prices. Our high speed machines also ensure your production run will be completed with impressive cycle times. RM&D can produce your parts using any metal, including but not limited to: brass, copper, aluminum alloys, steel/mild steel, stainless steel, titanium and high strength alloys.

Our machines are capable of 1400 in/min feed, 2400 in/min rapids and precision to 0.0002″

Haas DM-2 with HRT160 Rotary

Haas DM-2 with HRT160 Rotary

In January 2019 RMD acquired a brand new HAAS DM-2 with a 4th axis (HRT160).  RMD gets lots of large batches of parts with smaller quantity runs on them.  This machine allows us the flexibility of having large RPMs to machine with, as well as 4th axis capability.  RMD can now take 4th axis work, as well as be more efficient with the smaller quantity batches of parts.  This machine also features an extremely fast tool changer, which allows RMD to cut down on machining time, and ultimately keep pricing reasonable for our customers.  Features for the DM-2 include:

– 15,000 RPM
– High-performance option
– Inline direct-drive
– High accel/decel rates
– 5000-rpm rigid tapping
– 50% faster speeds and feeds
– Best performance for 3D profiling

Haas VF2SS High speed CNC 2D 3D machining, vertical milling center

Haas VF-2SS

Utilizing the Super Speed machines from Haas RMD is able to handle large quantity runs. We can handle orders upwards of 3000 pc orders on the Mill. Although our specialty is turning around large qtys of custom (different) parts quickly, RMD can still support the larger quantity runs of a single product. We even support overflow from other shops that can’t handle the workload. Send us your large runs!

– X-axis travel 30”
– Y-axis travel 16”
– Z-axis travel 20”
– Table working surface 36” x 14”
– Maximum spindle speed 12,000 RPM

haas vf4 vertical milling center 2d 3d machining

Haas VF-4

RMD can handle Base plate and large table machining with our Haas VF-4 Machine. Many of RMD’s customers are in the Automation world, and deal with a large number of sizeable (Base) plates. In order to support the workload in the Automation industry, RMD added a large table machine in 2015. Send us your Base Plates!

– X-axis travel 50″
– Y-axis travel 20″
– Z-axis travel 25″
– Table working surface 52″ x 18″

ST20 Lathe

Haas ST-20

RMD currently features a Haas ST-20; the foundation of our turning department since January 2016.  Reliable turning capability is vital for complete turn-key production. We can now handle all of your parts from start to finish! Please send us your RFQs.  (volume:  up to 10,000 part runs accepted)

– X-axis travel: 9.3″
– Z-axis travel: 21.0″
– RPM: 4000