2D and 3D Products

We offer high speed machining capability and low lead times on 2D and 3D products to produce overflow parts as well as prototype capability. We can work with you on non-welded simple assembly as well as welded assemblies. RM&D can produce your parts using virtually any metal, including but not limited to, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloys, steel/mild steel, stainless steel 300 and 400 series, copper, titanium and titanium alloys.

CNC Vertical Machining Equipment

Capabilities: Haas VF-2SS 3-Axis VMC

- X-axis travel 30''
- Y-axis travel 16''
- Z-axis travel 20''
- Table working surface 36'' x 14''
- Maximum spindle speed 12,000 RPM
- High speed machining capability

Haas VF2SS High speed CNC 2D 3D machining, vertical milling center

Capabilities: Haas VF-4 3-Axis VMC

- X-axis travel 50"
- Y-axis travel 20"
- Z-axis travel 25"
- Table working surface 52" x 18"
- Maximum spindle speed 8,100 RPM
- Large machining area

haas vf4 vertical milling center 2d 3d machining

2D Products

RM&D can take any 2D sketch and make it into a full metal part (holes/slots/pockets/counterbores from six sides of the part). Using Mastercam software, the RM&D Design Team is able to make a full 3D CAD file from a napkin sketch or a 2D autocad design. The manufacturing team can also machine from virtually any native 3D modeling file. RM&D features vertical CNC milling to machine the customer-specified part.
2d machined parts automation parts
3d cnc machined molds
3d cnc machined molds

3D Products

RM&D has the ability to take 3D prototype designs from either a 2D dimensioned drawing or a 3D model from nearly any modeling software in the industry today. 3D Parts - includes variable radii and lofted/swept geometry.
custom 3d cnc parts